Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rome Travel: A Walk Around the Block Rome

Our block is Rome.

We walked from our apartment in Piazza Farnese through the open-air market at Campo de' Fiori, past Via del Governo Vecchio, with the young fashion designers, and past Piazza Navona and the Panthenon, down the Corso to Piazza del Popolo, where we had an appointment, naturally at a caffé in Rome.

Done with our business we zig zagged back to our apartment.

For more walking maps for Rome visit:

Rome Centro Storico: Rome Walking Tour Map: The Heart of Rome

First to Via dei Condotti, with stops at the stores with the most beautiful handbags, shoes, expensive silk ties, etc..

Then to Campo Marzio, passing bakeries, and the luscious caffés at the Piazza Lucina.

Then to the right past the Church of the Portuese, on Via dei Coronari, neighborhood of the antique dealers, then to Via dei Bianchi Vecchi, a crossover to Via Giuia, celebrating its 500th anniversary, and we arrived at our apartment a neighbor of the Michelangelo arch.

Tell us about your favorite block.

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