Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rome High Speed Rail to Venice, Milan, Naples, Florence

TrenItalia, or Ferrovie dello Stato is Italy's national train line. It is very easy to travel in Italy by train. A tip that always helps is to know the name and spelling of Italian cities in Italian language. Buy a ticket from a vending machine or from the person - either way you'll need this information to make your Italy travel easy.

TrenItalia recently introduced high-speed rail service. The alta velocita is Italy's high speed rail, which routes run between Naples, Rome, Venice, and Milan. This train service is called the Freccia Rossa, named after the gorgeous new red trains that run Italy's high speed rails.

TrenItalia high speed rail travel time and cost of train ticket between cities in Italy:

  • Rome to Milan by high speed rail to three and a half hours. -- Roma a Milano
  • Milan to Bologna by high speed train is one hour. -- Milano a Bologna
  • Milan to Florence 2 hours 10 minutes -- Milano a Firenze
  • Naples to Milan 4 hours and 50 minutes -- Napoli a Milano
  • Rome to Bari to 4 hours. -- Roma a Bari
  • Rome to Verona by high speed Freccia Rossa train to 4 hours. -- Roma a Verona
  • Rome to Venice by high speed rail to 4 hours. -- Roma a Venezia
  • Naples to Florence travel time by high speed rail is 3 hours 13 minutes -- Napoli a Firenze
  • Naples to Bologna travel time by high speed rail is 3 hours 43 minutes -- Napoli a Bologna
  • Rome to Naples by high speed rail is 1 hour 21 minutes -- Roma a Napoli

1st Class
2nd Class
Milan - Bologna Centrale
Milan - Florence
Milan - Naples
Milan - Rome
Lemezia T.C.le - Rome
Rome - Bari Centrale
Verona P.N. - Rome
Rome - Venice

Italy High Speed rail prices good through January 15, 2009.

High speed rail travel in Italy includes free newspapers, beverages and snacks, so don't bother buying the water and snack in Termini, Milano Centrale, Napoli, or Firenze.

Click here for video How to Buy a train ticket in Italy.

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