Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rome Walking Maps: Angels and Demons Renews Focus on Map to Bernini's Rome

Angels and Demons box office movie release spotlights Baroque Rome attractions designed by Bernini, whose masterpieces are scattered throughout Rome.

Bernini is considered the architect of St. Peter's because of his influence on painting, sculpture, and architecture creating spaces like St. Peter's Square that is marveled for its adherence to the human dimension while the impact on the visitor transcends the temporal space.

Angels and Demons the movie spotlights Italian geniuses like Rome's Baroque master Bernini, who takes center stage 400 year after his work was first released.

While checking out Bernini and Angels and Demons don's miss Boromini. The two Roman masters competed to create great works that make the modern layer of the Rome , created 1000 years after Rome's first fall, so magnificent.

Motorino Man's Bernini Rome Walking Map:

View Rome Walking Tour - Bernini's Art in Rome in a larger map

Angels and Demons movie trailer:

For more video of Bernini's Rome masterpieces like La Fontana dei Quatrro Fiumi visit

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