Saturday, December 18, 2010

What do in Rome after The Vatican and St Peter's Basilica

Vatican Tour on a Rome Holiday

After the Vatican tour take a leisurely walk to Piazza Navona indirectly by crossing the bridge to Vittorio Emanuele II. After crossing take second right on Via Paola to Via Giulia. Enjoy Via Giulia all the way to Via dei Farnese. Take a left.

Nice wine bar in the Piazza Farnese square or keep walking through to Campo De' Fiori. Check it out:

Then I'd head over to Piazza Navona To the west of Piazza Navona, behind Brazilian Embassy, is the Via Della Pace neighborhood. There go to Raphael Hotel roof for a drink. Even better if the sun has not set yet.

And you can go shopping in that neighborhood on Via dei Coronari.

And there is plenty of nice Rome holiday trattoria around too:

Our favorite thing to do in Rome is wander.

-Motorino Man

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