Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rome Day Trip: SPA Destinations Near Rome

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Walking Rome's cobblestone streets is for sure the best way for a traveler to Rome to learn about the Eternal City. Wandering Rome's streets, slipping into an artist's studio, marveling Bernini's sculptures, counting Egyptian obelisks in Rome, sitting by a Roman fountain with a gelato, enjoying an afternoon espresso people watching, shopping in Rome's fashionable boutiques or strolling a fabulous Rome street market all the while walking in Rome on cobblestones laid by the ancient Romans 2000 years ago takes its toll on the Rome-walker's feet.

Upon leaving Rome a slow Italy traveler would be wise to think about a few days relaxing at one of Lazio's thermal spring water SPAs that are just a short trip outside Rome. This a great way for the Italy traveler to relax and re-charge along the Italy vacation before moving on to another fabulous Italian city like Florence, Naples, or Milan.

Salute per acqua - good health through water - is a saying going back to the ancient Romans, who learned from the Etruscans, which civilization settled around the thermal springs near Civitavecchia (old city) in Lazio, the curative powers of water. Of course, Italy is a volcanic land that is spotted with thermal springs across the Italic peninsula providing all types of thermal water springs and mud bath resort and SPA destinations for Italy travelers to visit.

2000 years since the Etruscans and ancient Romans lived on this land, benessere (well being) is the buzzword for Italian spas that are still the pick of the best thermal water spring SPAs in the world.

Below are Italy travel videos of SPA destinations outside Rome. Looking for exclusive Italy itineraries to off-the-beaten path destinations near Rome, Florence, Naples, and Venice contact WebVisionItaly's Italy travel specialists "travel@webvisionitaly.com"

"Salute Per Acqua" - good health through water.

Acqua di Fiuggi preferred by Europe's royalty, was site of Rossellini & Bergman love affair.

SPA outside Rome in medieval Viterbo full of lovely fountains, Est Est Est wine & Dante's favorite thermal spring.

Ancient Etruscan spring baths in Rome's port Civitavecchia, perfect for cruise shore excursion and Rome day trip.

Outside Rome is Castelli Romani. Etruscan & ancient Roman water spas.

For more Rome day trips visit WebVisionItaly.com Lazio Television Channel.

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First day is going to start with a great trip..That's a great pleasure..isn't it??

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