Friday, February 27, 2009

Rome Gelato Sales Banned After 1AM

Rome, March 26 - Revellers spilling out of discos and bars in Rome in the early hours of the morning will no longer be able to satisfy late-night munchies under a new city council reform designed to calm the capital's nightlife.

Vendors of freshly made croissants, ice-cream, pizza and sandwiches will have to shut up shop at 1 AM under the new law, which comes into effect in mid March.

''This applies to croissant makers, ice-cream makers, cake shops, yoghurt shops, sandwich shops, take-aways and rotisseries,'' said city councillor Davide Bordoni.

''One in the morning seems to us a reasonable hour that is satisfactory for both the shop owners and residents,'' he said.

For more on two of Rome's most famous gelateria, Giolitti Gelato and La Palma Gelato, and the history of gelato click Gelato in Rome.

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